DC:MUSIC:WPFW:BRING THE NOISE! The instrumental music of Public Enemy Thursday December 30th @11PM, WPFW (89.3FM and www.wpfw.org)


The instrumental music of Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad

“Power to the People and the Beats”

(Public Enemy)

On this Thursday December 30th at 11PM, WPFW (89.3FM and www.wpfw.org)’s Bobby Hill presents “BRING THE NOISE”, our annual year-end closing special on the instrumental music of Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad. For our 22nd year edition we present 2 hours of Bomb Squad ReStRuCtUrInGs (i.e., “Mash Ups”). For the adventurous of ear, tune in and find out which artists PE songs will be mashed-up w/. Imagine Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad‘s…

He’s Got Game w/percussionist Mtume

Shut Em Down w/vocalist Diamanda Galas

Don’t Truss It w/poet Jane Cortez

Louder Than A Bomb w/shakuhachi player Seizan Matsuda and bassist Peter Kowald

Rebel Without A Pause w/saxophonist Albert Ayler

Give It Up w/saxophonist David Murray

Nighttrain w/singer Jimmy Driftwood

Mao Tse Tung w/Funkadelic

Livin In A Zoo w/saxophonist Ornette Coleman

Fight The Power w/saxophonist John Coltrane

Night Of The Living Baseheads w/tuba player Joe Daley’s Earth Tone Ensemble

Buck-Whylin’ w/guitarist Sonny Sharrock

Hazy Shade Of A Criminal w/vocalist Jeanne Lee and bassist Peter Kowald

Prophets Of Rage w/guitarists Melvin Gibbs, Mary Halverson, Vernon Reid, Lee Renaldo, and Elliott Sharp

Bedlam w/turntablist Christian Marclay

…to find out, set your dial to 89.3FM or www.wpfw.org@11PM this Thursday night and free your mind!

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