The Center for Poetic Thought

How much “poetic thought” and energy can you fit into 500 square feet?

To be honest, I am not sure about the answer to that question, but I have teamed up with The American Poetry Museum to help try to figure out an answer

The Center for Poetic Thought is located at 716 Monroe Street NE, Studio #25, part of the new Monroe Street Market  in the Brookland neighborhood of NE DC.

What will we do at The Center for Poetic Thought? Glad you asked…


To cultivate, demonstrate and curate the exhibition of creative work that displays the many ways that “poetry” occurs in American life and beyond.


Architect Daniel Libeskind said that every building he has designed and built “has its own poetics”, likewise a very well known poet and photographer has said that “poems do not have a monopoly on Poetry” or “ Poetry doesn’t care about your poems.”  Our vision is to be space for programming that truly captures the poetic, not simply reports it.

Although traditional poetry readings and poetry related events will be a part of our programming, our intention is to create a space that is more than simply another poetry presenting venue.  Our intention is to use the space as site to demonstrate the many ways in which “poetry” crosses our paths in life and in art; this may take the form of music, dance, micro-theater,visual art, and architecture. We believe that Poetry is big enough to handle all of that, even in our small and humble home.

If you are a poet/scholar/curator/architect/artist/designer/musician/etc
and would like to have a space present your current research or project
drop us a line we would love to talk to you about how we can work together.


If you have any questions about The Center
or would like to use the space
or collaborate with us
or would like to send us a proposal for an event
feel free
to contact me, Fred Joiner
or The American Poetry Museum


Fred Joiner –> fred (dot) joiner (at) gmail (dot) com, fred.joiner3 (Skype)

Jon West-Bey–>

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