Happy Mother’s Day…

Being 4500 miles away from your family really makes you appreciate them so much more. Even though this is Mother’s Day, I also want to take a moment to big up my Father as well, while wishing my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.


I was probably just a twinkle in my Mom’s eye in 1973, when my Dad recorded this song with The Intruders, there is apart of me that wonders what was going through his head when he was recording this song. Perhaps it was just one of the many recording gigs for Philadelphia International Records, or maybe he was just in whatever mental state it takes to be a part of creating timeless art…Perhaps I will ask him when I see him this summer on our visit to the States.

What I am certain of however is what this song means to me at this moment in my life as a new parent and African American man. In a way the song is an artifact of my own past that I am re-discovering and it is also acts as a timeless double tribute to both my parents, who have done so much for me. I am honored and privileged to have parents that lived lives that I can be so proud of.

So here’s to you Mom (and Dad)…Happy Mother’s Day to you, from The Joiners of Bamako (Freddie, Melanie, & Naomi)

Joiners of Bamako

This is us at the art opening of a show I co-curated entitled “friendship: an exhibition: The Art of Amadou Sanogo and Ibrahim Konate.”

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